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D.C. McGannon @DCMcGannon is coauthor of the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series of books, and one-half of the humorous father/son duo known as The Monster Guys. When not travelling to conventions and talking about Japanese and Steampunk monsters, he can usually be found moon-gardening, hiking, or searching for his next cup of coffee.

D.C. is confident he can still breakdance with the best of them, but realizes his writing and speaking schedule is probably taking too much of his time. This is good news for all other break-dancers.

He is married to Holly, father to Michael and Nathaniel, and they all hang out together somewhere in the Midwest with their little Maltese puppy, Jewel.

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C. Michael McGannon @MichaelMcGannon has been creating characters, writing stories, and chasing dragons for as long as anyone can remember. After winning an award for writing in grade school, he decided the best medium to put all his creativity into was the written word. He’s been writing ever since. C. Michael believes that the true power of a story lies in its ability to both entertain and enlighten. He thinks walking barefoot is grand. This is C. Michael’s first novel.

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