Card Art Reveal – The Necrogolem

Posted on Oct 31, 2013 in News, The Card Game

Card Art Reveal – The Necrogolem

A Halloween Treat (Part 2): Card Art Reveal – The Necrogolem, Horror Construct. As promised, here is another treat for you on this fair Halloween night!

In the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series of books, we have several constructs from Gargoyles to Exsecrifers to Stone Lions to…The Necrogolem!

The Nerogolem, a horror construct, is constructed from the Sluagh by dark magic. The Sluagh are the faerie version of the Undead in Irish lore. Carman, the Witch of Destruction featured in the card art reveal from last night and prominently in Book 2: Witch Moon, has harnessed the spirits of the undead and brought them together to construct this most foul monster for her evil bidding!

(Considered to be unstoppable…you’ll just have to read Book 2 to discover who, if any, survive their encounter with the Necrogolem!)


We feel this art captures the vision we have for the Necrogolem in all its fierceness and horror! (Later we will share the original concept art drawn by C. Michael McGannon that inspired this art…pretty cool how it all happened!)

During gameplay, the Necrogolem is known to be a very nasty card, resulting in significant damage to its opponents.


So… Happy Halloween! Stay safe, and if you do happen to encounter The Necrogolem while trick-or-treating, well… you are in our thoughts! :)



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