Character Profile: Charlie Sullivan

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Character Profile: Charlie Sullivan

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersCharacter:  Charlie Sullivan

Resident of: Hunter’s Grove

Interests / Likes / Habits: Reading, comic books, gaming, daydreaming, and tinkering with projects at home…in his room…with as few people around as possible. Likes a girl, but wouldn’t dare make it public for fear of ridicule or rejection. Tavern’s Quick-N-Go homemade Root Beer.

Dislikes: Homework, English class with Ms. Pinkerly, being noticed, not being able to express himself like he wants to.

Which book(s) is Charlie in?: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); Witch Moon (Book 2, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); (Book 3, Available soon)

About Charlie:

Charlie Sullivan is the central figure in the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunter series. As with most teenagers, Charlie wrestles with his emotions about, well…just about everything. Charlie was the innocent daydreamer, finding himself in compromising situations because of his lack of attentiveness, and whose curiosity got the better of him. At times Charlie bore the blame and brunt of accusation and discipline (or bullying) by both teachers and administrators, and his peers. By nature a loner, but a kind and caring person, Charlie was thrust into the role of the leader of a team of the most unlikely group of friends in his school. From the school’s “popular” girl and the Mayor’s daughter, Darcy Witherington, to the snappy and eccentric Russian “goth” twins, Lisa and Liev Vadiknov, and accented by a very tense and angst-filled teen by the name of Nash Stormstepper, who is a Native American with a proud family heritage and also a loner…by choice.

The group’s purpose? Dig up the murky truth behind their town of Hunter’s Grove’s resurgent disappearances and a dark stranger that has moved to town, and put a stop to the disappearances once and for all.

Charlie is plagued by nightmares that eventually and harshly lead to an understanding of the “gift” he has been endowed with as he accepts his leadership role with the group of to-be Monster Hunters. He keeps his nightmares, and their consequences, hidden from his parents whom he loves and respects.

As a daydreamer, Charlie is fascinated by his town’s rumors and lore, the dark stranger that has moved to Hunter’s Grove, and the seriously massive, ominous, castle-like mansion at the center of the town, called Hunter’s Key.

Little did Charlie know just how far his curiosity and daydreaming would take him.

This ultimately led Charlie and the gang to discover hidden underground tunnels, a realm of existence known and understood by few, a magic that is both shocking and consuming, and ultimately the discovery of, and entry to, the Otherworld – the realm of the Greaters and Lessers…monsters.

With his team of Monster Hunters, Charlie comes face to face with a Dark Prince and his plot that threatens Hunter’s Grove and the world, while solving the mystery of the missing persons in the process.

This journey also leads Charlie to his mentor, the releasing and unleashing of hordes of monsters and villains in the Otherworld and into the human world, and to face the loss of a friend – extending the chorus of emotional challenges he faces as a teenager now responsible for the fate of his town.

Fast-forward to Book 2: Witch Moon

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersBy book 2, we find Charlie has grown immeasurably in his maturity, his role as leader, and with his “gift” while still being at conflict with himself and his emotions, and with the relationships of those around him.

In Witch Moon, the group of teens is sent responding to an urgent request from deep in the heart of the Old Country, to face an ever-increasing darkness that they are inadvertently responsible for unleashing back into the human world…or so it appears.

Is there something greater lurking in the shadows at work?

With the consequences of their bittersweet victory wreaking havoc against old forces in the rolling hills, Charlie begins to truly understand the weight and sacrifice that comes with being at the helm of his team.

Charlie is a quiet leader. Thoughtful. Caring. But make no mistake…

Charlie Sullivan is a fighter. He is a leader. He is the leader of the Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove!

Join the hunt at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here!

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