Character Profile: Darcy Witherington (High Fashion Monster Hunting)

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Character Profile: Darcy Witherington (High Fashion Monster Hunting)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters Character: Darcy Witherington

Resident of: Hunter’s Grove

Interest / Likes / Habits: Hanging out at Tavern’s Quick-N-Go. Fashion. Cellphones and the appropriate accessories. Exercising. Talking. Sporting events. Movies (even though the local theater is a “rinky dink establishment not fit for our town” according to Darcy). Shopping. Loves a “healthy” breakfast of blueberry pancakes with a caramel macchiato, add whip and an extra shot of espresso. Bubblegum.

Dislikes: Poor fashion. “Weird” music. Inaction. No cellphone reception. Not getting her way.

Which book(s) is Darcy in?: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)

Darcy Witherington is the popular girl—the popular girl—at school. Popular…with all of its political and social baggage, and blessings. As the daughter of Mayor Witherington and Elizabeth Witherington, and the inheritor of Hunter’s Key, Darcy is one of the most privileged teenagers in town. Despite her attitude and occasional political power plays at school, Darcy is actually a very clever and brave girl who is not quite satisfied with her life as the school celebrity.

She loves the attention, mostly. Darcy can put on a good show, but deep inside she feels there is something bigger, something deeply meaningful, that she was put on this earth for. The superficiality of the social scene does not satisfy her desire for meaning and significance. It’s a source of constant internal tension, though, because she can’t quite figure it out. If there is one thing Darcy doesn’t like, it’s not being able to figure things out.

Enter Charlie, Nash, Lisa and Liev. When half of this group of “weirdos” from school appears on her doorstep (only to lead her to the other half) telling her that monsters may be behind their town’s missing people, Darcy raises a proper fuss. After all, her mother was the first to go missing. But inside, Darcy knew these “weirdos” were on the right track. Eventually, it was her fiery and influential voice that spoke against the adult leaders of Hunter’s Grove for allowing friends and family to be taken.

While still a very proud and hard to please girl, Darcy is one of the group’s strongest Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Huntersmembers. Her intense personality won’t allow her to simply turn away from trouble. Rather, she helps lead her fellow Monster Hunters straight into the darkness that waits for them, regardless of the risk.

Darcy does have a growing interest in a certain guy that she works diligently at suppressing. She is not keen to allow her emotions to surface and absolutely abhors the thought of falling for someone. At least, that’s what she wants people to believe.

Darcy may be high fashion. She may be the popular girl. She may have a string of bubble-gum chewing disciples mimicking her every move at school, but make no mistake – Darcy Witherington is not afraid to get right down to it when it comes to hunting monsters. You can be sure, though, she will look good doing it!

Join the hunt at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here!

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