Character Profile: Lisa and Liev Vadiknov (The Vadiknov Twins)

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Character Profile: Lisa and Liev Vadiknov (The Vadiknov Twins)

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read Book 1 Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary, spoilers follow. We recommend that you go and quickly read The Varcolac’s Diary (within the next hour or so, no rush) and then come back and read this article. Otherwise, CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK! We accept no liabilities and will not listen if you scream at us about this. Don’t fret, though, we don’t give away all the secrets! :)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersCharacter: Lisa Vadiknov

Resident of: Hunter’s Grove

Interest / Likes / Habits:  Collecting knowledge. Old books and collections of fairy tales, mythology, and folklore. Rejoices (inwardly) when given homework. Secretly enjoys bowling at the Crooked Gutter Bowling Alley, although she acts like it’s a chore to go with her brother. Enjoys thunderstorms. Has a predisposition to wear black clothing, nail-polish, and other counter-cultural fashions.

Dislikes: Pink things (including bubblegum), being written off as a sulky nerd, sports.

Which book(s) is Lisa in?: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)

Character: Liev Vadiknov

Resident of: Hunter’s Grove

Interests / Likes / Habits: Enjoys collecting knowledge, much like his sister. He also likes to entertain others, something that has been difficult with the reputation given to the twins, and so compensates by humoring himself with sarcastic and witty remarks. Has always enjoyed dressing brightly, preferring the color white. Loves bowling and pizza.

Dislikes: Sourpusses (with the exception of his sister), uptight teachers, rainy days and wet weather.

Which book(s) is Liev in?: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here)

About Lisa and Liev:

When their family moved to Hunter’s Grove, the Vadiknov twins were the subject of much interest. As time went on, especially at school, they became the subject of many rumors.

It is said around town and in the school’s hallways they are young paranormal investigators, knowledgeable of the occult, and according to some, are even witches themselves. They have never denied or confirmed these allegations, and it is questionable about whether they’ve even heard these rumors. Lisa and Liev keep to themselves, and are regularly seen dressed in a strange black and white motif while lugging around huge books. For the most part, they are even avoided by bullies. They say that being so left alone did not bother them—in fact, that they preferred things that way—but perhaps some of their eccentricity came from their constant solitude, not to mention Liev’s snarky commentary on people and activities at school.

The Vadiknov twins have long suspected that Hunter’s Grove’s string of missing persons had been caused by preternatural causes. Monstrous causes. Perhaps due to their awareness of what most people could not see to believe, or chose not to, the Vadiknov twins were the first to discover their “magical” gifts, and attempted to use their gifts to constrain an impish monster (a Lesser) that had been tailing them.

It was Lisa and Liev’s knowledge that helped bring the group of Monster Hunters to their decision to face the darkness over Hunter’s Grove, and it is these two who many believe have paid the most significant sacrifice in doing so. Unknowingly bearing a curse to the Otherworld, Liev would later face a Manticore, an Alpha (werewolf), and complete payment of a “thrice death” (a curse cast by the Exsecrifer) before the Hunters came face to face with the Dark Prince.

As the Hunters travel overseas, Lisa becomes the center of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Huntersattention as she takes the quest personally, and is also becoming more affected by her feelings for another Hunter. However, there are some things she is unwilling to simply let go (from Book 1). Angry and eager to fight, she finds a personal crusade and possible revenge waiting for her in the Old Country that threatens to separate the Monster Hunters during the coming of the Witch Moon, which could result in disaster and a hostile takeover by an Ancient darkness at Drakauragh.

Join the hunt at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here!

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