Character Profile: Maurie & Aisling (Old Ways & New Blood)

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Character Profile: Maurie & Aisling (Old Ways & New Blood)
Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters

Aisling from the cover of Book 2: Witch Moon travelling into dangerous territory with the other Monster Hunters

Character: Maurie, Grandmum to Aisling

Resident of: Cooraclare, County Clare, Ireland

Interest / Likes / Habits: Reading, particularly cookbooks. Has no particular cooking ability, though. Watching cooking shows when the telly actually has a good signal. Having a cup of tea while looking over the back of her estate. Assisting in the marketplaces of nearby towns and villages.

Dislikes: Her monthly travels to Drakauragh. The dark energies stirring at the approach of the Witch Moon. Bad TV reception.

Which book(s) is Maurie in?: Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)


Character: Aisling (pronounced “Eye-shling”), Grand-daughter to Maurie

Resident of: Cooraclare, County Clare, Ireland

Interests / Likes / Habits: Cooking, gardening, and caring for her grandmother’s farm animals. (In reality, there are more of her farm animals now than Maurie’s.) Visiting other towns and going to the market. Camping. Boys, although she is regularly disappointed in the local choices here.

Dislikes: Being stuck inside. Being alone. Having a sense of destiny, but with no direction and seemingly no guidance. Immature boys. People who mock her family for their history as Monster Hunters.

Which book(s) is Aisling in?: Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)

In a land full of magic and lore, yet in an age full of people who no longer believe in that which they can no longer see, we meet Maurie and Aisling through a series of unsettling circumstances that may very well cause unbelievers to believe once again.

Maurie’s monster hunting days are largely behind her. Still, as a member of the Council and guardian over the powerful portal village of Drakauragh, she has a duty to fulfill. She hoped that her granddaughter, Aisling, whom she has raised from a small child, would soon be ready to take her place as the guardian of Drakauragh. However, due to a lack of recent monster activity—and perhaps a bit of over-protectiveness on Maurie’s part—the girl has little to no hunting experience. Aisling was a girl with many practical skills…just no experience fighting monsters.

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters, Book 1: The Varcolac's Diary Cover ArtThen, halfway across the globe, five new Monster Hunters were introduced to the Otherworld and the ancient ways of hunting monsters. With the defeat of the Dark Prince by the five teens in Book 1, monsters that had been trapped for two centuries or longer were released back into the world – to their original homelands. In Maurie’s quiet rural region, monsters of all kinds returned, and the ones already there became reinvigorated.

Worst of all, a terrifying and legendary Greater, the Sagemistress, returned to fulfill her dark and sinister plans once more.

With the Sagemistress stirring up old forces and Drakauragh’s portal beginning to open once more, Maurie sets out with the young new Monster Hunters and their companions, leaving her granddaughter behind in the safety of her estate. But Aisling, who strives to become a true Monster Hunter, and who takes quickly to the quiet Charlie Sullivan, makes a few choices of her own.

Monster Hunters old and new – tired and eager – Maurie and Aisling make the journey to Drakauragh prepared for the dangers and the old witches that have returned to threaten their homeland, but unprepared for the consequences their decisions will meet.

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