Character Profile: Nash Stormstepper (Quiet Defender)

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Character Profile:  Nash Stormstepper (Quiet Defender)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersCharacter: Nash Stormstepper

Resident of: Hunter’s Grove

Interest / Likes / Habits:  Fighting (as a sport). Martial Arts. Healthy food (as long as it tastes good). Moderately healthy food. Junk food. O.K., mostly junk food. Learning of his Native American heritage. Caring for Mrs. McBranson.

Dislikes:  Bullies. Control freaks. Politicians. Boredom. Also, Nash is afraid of cockroaches, although no one, not even his fellow Monster Hunters, know this.

Which book(s) is Nash in?:  The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)

An intimidating loner, Nash Stormstepper was singled out as his school’s only Native American student, his father (Chinook Lightholder) and mother (Nina Plantspell) making the difficult and culturally divisive decision of having chosen Hunter’s Grove as their home. Nash takes great pride in his heritage. He especially takes pride in the concept of being a warrior—not simply a fighter, but someone willing to serve and protect those who cannot help themselves. He is actually a very quiet teenager. Intense, but peaceful. The greatest threat to his peace, and his emotion, is seeing others suffer at the hands of hurtful people.

Before the events in Book 1:  The Varcolac’s Diary, Nash had taken up a Volunteer position in assisting the elderly, where he met his very dear friend, a sparky elderly lady named Mrs. McBranson. They grew close, and Nash would come to help her with everything from groceries to housework to playing card games after school. In a way of saying thanks, Mrs. McBranson—who had many tricks up her own sleeve—offered to coach Nash in his pipe dream of mixed-martial arts fighting. Mrs. McBranson had her own history as a champion tournament competitor. As she was unable to travel now and Nash was content to stay close by (and as the sleepy town of Hunter’s Grove had never even heard of mixed martial arts), they were never actually invited or booked for any fight cards or tournaments, but it was an enjoyable and enriching hobby nonetheless.

And then, Mrs. McBranson disappeared.

She became the next in the long line of missing people, sending Nash into a dark and stormy mood. By chance, he met Charlie Sullivan, one of the school’s other “loners”. As events unfold, they began to piece together clues about what was really happening in Hunter’s Grove, and the story of The Varcolac’s Diary comes to life.

Now, without his friend Mrs. McBranson, Nash teaches small self-defense classes in her honor. As a new Monster Hunter, Nash Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Huntersfound a purpose, drawing out a quality that was already there: A sense of honor and duty to defend those who are too weak to do so themselves. He is a driving force of the Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove, and now Charlie’s best friend.

Indeed, Charlie Sullivan and the others will need Nash’s skills in combat, and his loyal friendship, if they are to survive the destructive forces rising in the Old Country and come back to Hunter’s Grove alive.

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