Location Profile: Hunter’s Key and Drakauragh (Portals of Powerful Magic)

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Location Profile: Hunter’s Key and Drakauragh (Portals of Powerful Magic)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersThere are some places on the earth where ley lines—lines of magic and energy that run throughout the earth’s surface—intersect. The more lines that intersect, the greater the magical power and effect of that location on the local countryside. A handful of these intersections are so powerful, so densely packed with ley lines, they act as a doorway from our world into a different place altogether.

The Otherworld.

Not many portals are known, but through the centuries Monster Hunters from all over the world have discovered and marked these locations to guard against Lessers and Greaters – monsters of varying rank, skill, and positions – and against beasts of an entirely different nature as well.

“The way this story is written I was able to have such vivid pictures in my mind of what was happening and what this world looked like that the authors created. Aside from that there are some positive underlying themes in the story that start to be addressed…I personally look forward to what happens to the characters and other spooky worlds I am transported to!” -from a Reader review

About Hunter’s Grove and Hunter’s Key

Note: Hunter’s Grove and Hunter’s Key are from Book 1 in the series Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary, available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here.

Hundreds years ago, a Greater once known as royalty in the monster world came to a portal in what the humans would come to know as the New World. There he conducted ritual after ritual towards an obscure and forbidden goal. He would release powerful beings known as the Ancients and rule alongside them, putting once more both humanity and the Otherworld under Greater rule. In his quest, which spanned entire eras, countless human lives were lost.

Roughly two hundred years ago, at the turn of the century, a group of Monster Hunters from around the globe converged on this single location to put an end to this Greater royal known as the Dark Prince. However, in the years spent establishing his control over that section and portal of the Otherworld, he amassed a force too potent and too many to be conquered so easily. Realizing their defeat, the Monster Hunters began to construct a talisman of sorts—a giant key in the form of a castle-mansion, interwoven with magic and symbolism and enough defenses to hold off the Dark Prince’s army. If they could not defeat the Dark Prince, they would hold him captive within his own Otherworld fortress.

What they built was Hunter’s Key, atop the town of Hunter’s Grove. Hunter’s Key is just as much a character in Book 1 as anyone else, and is strategic and significant to the Monster Hunters’ adventures.

Still, within the years it took to build the mansion, almost all of the Hunters were captured and taken as prisoners back to the Otherworld, where they faced torment, soul displacement, and unnaturally long lifespans in the form of magical stasis. Only a few Hunters would escape similar fates and survive to lock away the Dark Prince with the completion of the Key. Over the course of two centuries, a small town would arise (Hunter’s Grove) with the purpose of disguising the Key and keeping it secretly maintained through a lineage of Hunters, until Charlie Sullivan and his friends discovered the truth in Book 1: The Varcolac’s Diary.

About The Village of Drakauragh

Note: The Village of Drakauragh is from the soon to be released Book 2 in the series Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Witch Moon

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersNow Charlie, Nash, Darcy and Lisa are told of another portal. A small village in the Old Country, Drakauragh was once a peculiar haunt for monsters who took power from the moon. Once a year, with the right lunar cycle, Drakauragh is said slowly merge with the Otherworld, night by night as the Witch Moon waxes.

With the Sagemistress freed from the Dark Prince’s binding contract, the people of Drakauragh face a new and untimely Witch Moon, the like of which has not been seen in two centuries or more. Charlie and his team of Monster Hunters must arrive in time and keep her from using the Witch Moon for her own gain. But are the old witch’s plans the only plot they must be wary of?

Join the hunt at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here!

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