Monster Profile: Dräng (Chief of Assistants)

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Monster Profile: Dräng (Chief of Assistants)
Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters

One of the things Dräng like doing is traveling along ley-lines. He’s a smaller monster, and can be silly at times, so it’s almost like riding down a water-slide or gliding on a snow-sled for humans. He travels very quickly and it gives him a bit of a wee in his belly.

Monster: Dräng

Class: Lesser

Type: House Spirit (Tomte)

Resident of: The Otherworld

Interest / Likes / Habits: Shiny things. Hot Cocoa (which he enthusiastically pronounces Ko-ko-Aaaah). An incessant need to be doing something around the house – tidying up, cooking, measuring things – which makes him a perfect candidate to be the Chief of Assistants to the Dark Prince. Human pets. Traveling along ley-lines.

Dislikes: Things being out of order. Mustard. Being under pressure. Decisions. Being looked down upon and judged unfairly.

Which book(s) is Dräng in?:  The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)

Dräng was a simple house spirit who ventured away from his family after learning of the Dark Prince. He was attracted to the ideas the Dark Prince had spread throughout the lower classes of the Otherworld, that bringing the Ancients back from beyond their slumber would lift the class of every monster. No, Lessers would not become Greaters. But to be a Lesser…it would not be as lowly. All monsters would rule over the Otherworld and human world alike. He ignored the warnings of his kin, that the Ancients were a terrible curse locked away for good reason. Eventually, Dräng found the fragmented location in the Otherworld where the Dark Prince was residing, and building up an army at Blood Castle.

He, like all those who had ventured to meet the ambitious varcolac, became trapped in the young royal’s magic.

Through the centuries, Dräng served his master well, having no qualm in keeping the Dark Prince’s records and helping to secure his dietary needs. He rose in rank, always a Lesser, but slowly becoming greater than the other house spirits, attendants, and Collectors. Eventually, the Dark Prince titled him Chief of Assistants.

Time passed, and personalities changed, grew, matured. Twisted. As the Dark Prince began to act more and more like those tyrannical Greaters that Dräng had begun his journey to get away from, the little house spirit began to question his role and his master’s dream of waking the Ancients.

And then a group of five mismatched teens (Charlie, Darcy, Lisa & Liev, and Nash) stumbled upon Dräng. Although they were enemies, his heart slowly began to change. In a crucial moment of doubt, he decided to help overthrow the very master he had served so well for the last few centuries. In the process, and without his realizing it, he found friends in the fledgling Monster Hunters, and when they defeated the Dark Prince, Dräng realized his home was with them.

Along the way, he also developed a deep love and fine taste for Hot Cocoa. It is now his drink of choice, and he makes sure that wherever he is – it is favorably stocked with the proper ingredients for Hot Cocoa!

But the strange relationship between the monster and his new human friends is about to be tested. As a dangerous game rages in Drakauragh, its destructive effects reaching all the way to Hunter’s Grove, Dräng’s new role in the human world will be questioned and strained by humans and monsters alike, and even by those who had come to accept him.

Can Dräng keep living as a monster in the human world, and even if he can, will the Monster Hunters let him?

Join the hunt at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here!

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