Monster Profile: Dub, Dother, and Dian (Evil Sons of a Witch)

Posted on Apr 6, 2013 in Character Profiles

Monster Profile: Dub, Dother, and Dian (Evil Sons of a Witch)

CarmanthreesonstextMonster(s): Dub (pronounced DOW), Dother, and Dian (three sons of the powerful witch Carman)

Class: Lessers

Type: Witchspawn

Which book(s) are Dub, Dother, and Dian in?: Witch Moon (Book 2, Available at Amazon, B&N, and here); Council of the Hunters (Book 3, Available April 2014)

One of the most powerful witches in history, Carman is a witch known for wreaking havoc and destruction across the countryside of the Old Country. However, she was not alone in this. Her three sons, monstrous children named Dub, Dother, and Dian, helped her to destroy anything in her path.

Dub (pronounced DOW), a mysterious little boy shrouded in darkness. His quiet, innocent demeanor is a pitfall for those who would believe in it. His mother’s favorite, due to his particularly heightened gifts in dark magic.

Dother, a purely evil man who delights in acts of cruelty. Cunning and patient, Dother knows how to take his time. This sets him apart from Carman, who is impatient and forceful…still, his ability for cruelty matches hers, if not surpasses.

Dian, a terrible blur of momentous violence. His is a reckless nature, always moving forward, cutting through whatever happens to stand before him. Much like his mother, a near force of nature and destructive power.

Separately, these three brothers are menaces for even an experienced Hunter, despite being only Lessers. Together and with Carman they have, in times past, helped tear the Old Country apart. Old gods diminished them once, but after centuries their powers rise again, growing with the coming Witch Moon. Now they set their sights on the approaching Monster Hunters. To stop this new human threat, Dub, Dother, and Dian will try to take everything that they can from the Hunters and destroy it…even going so far as to target and travel overseas to Charlie Sullivan’s home, Hunter’s Grove.

Cover_ISBNWhat violence will they bring against the Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove? Will the coming Witch Moon bring a new era of horror for the Old Country? Can the Monster Hunters survive the terror unleashed from Carman and her three evil sons?

Find out the answers and much, much more in the highly anticipated Book 2 in the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series.

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