Monster Profile: Greaters, Lessers, and Constructs (Of Things That Go Bump in the Night!)

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Monster Profile: Greaters, Lessers, and Constructs (Of Things That Go Bump in the Night!)
Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters

The Varcolac – art taken from the back cover of Book 1: The Varcolac’s Diary.

In the world of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters, the monster world greatly varies in terms of species, role, and social standing. Much like humanity, they have royalty and administrators, advisors, servants and the “common folk”. As well, there are criminals and outcasts, defectors, those known as “Collectors”, and many more.With what little knowledge they have of the monster world, Monster Hunters have barely scraped the sociology of the Otherworld, they have identified what monsters themselves use as the defining classes, dividing them into Greaters, Lessers, and Constructs. While it is unknown the exact number and detail of factors that determine whether a monster is a Greater or a Lesser, Monster Hunters have been able to grasp most of it.

“D.C. and Michael pack a wealth of wonder and fantasy into this young adult adventure. Incoporating some of the most fascinating legends…I found myself being drawn to the depth of the characters and enjoyed watching their bonds grow as they explored the gifts hidden deep within them as well as the evil that hunts for them. I recommend this story for anyone who loves folklore and monstrous fun! From vampires to dragons, from witches to eerie ferrymen, this tale has it all.” –James Grea, author of “Haunting Thelma Thimblewhistle: The Chronicles of Dead Anna” and “Vickie Van Helsing”

About Greaters

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters

From the cover of Book 2: Witch Moon

The “higher class” of monsters seems to be determined by a mix of social power and magical prowess. Generally known to be the most dangerous monsters that Hunters face. They hold unnaturally magical or physical power, often both, but their true power lies in their influence over other monsters. Greaters use these Lessers (and sometimes other Greaters, as well) to reach their own sinister goals. It is unknown how or if monster rule is decided, as monsters often fight amongst themselves over goals and territory.(Examples of Greaters from the books: The Dark Prince, a varcolac royal, outcast by his family. The Sagemistress, one of the oldest and most respected witches.)

About Lessers

Lessers are servants and protectors of the Greaters, often carrying out their dirty work. Monster Hunters who have studied monster sociology in the past have been surprised to find that powerful beasts and magic users such as alpha werewolves and very old Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunterswitches are many times considered to be Lessers. It seems, in these cases, that it is their roles as servants to other monsters—whether by nature or by force—that keeps them on the lower rung, even when they are more powerful opponents than some weaker Greaters. These cases, however, do not seem to occur often, and most Lessers are easily determined by their weak abilities, gifts, or intellects.

(Examples of Lessers from the books:  Dräng, a mere house spirit and the Chief of Assistants to the Dark Prince – and a reader favorite, by the way. The Alpha Wolf, a dangerous werewolf pack leader who guarded the Dark Prince; originally a servant of the Sagemistress.)

About Constructs

Neither Greater or Lesser, Constructs are creatures created by other monsters; often made as assistants or for guarding precious possessions or important territories. These beings can be made from biological, metallic, elemental, and other various materials, and include Exsecrifers (from Book 1), gargoyles (from Books 1 & 2), and golems (such as the Necrogolem from Book 2—tease, tease). Within the Otherworld, there are various other types of Constructs, many not even catalogued within Hunter knowledge. Monster Hunters themselves have dabbled with creating magical Constructs, which we see in Books 1 & 2 in the form of gargoyles. However, as humans are less magical than certain monsters by nature, they have not been successful with every attempted type of Construct.

Examples of Greaters, Lessers, and Constructs from the Otherworld (this is by no means a definitive or exhaustive listing, but rather a minute sampling of the monsters found in this book series):

The Dark Prince – The Varcolac from Book 1 (Greater; royalty in the monster world. Described by some as vampiric and others as a wolfish, animalistic beast, but to limit with this description would be horrifying for those coming face-to-face with him.)

Carman, a witch, from Book 2 (Greater, and one of the most powerful and significant witches in mythology.)

Carman’s sons, Dub (pronounced Dow), Dian, and Dother, from Book 2 (Lessers, but with extraordinary power and influence.)

Kelpie (Lessers from Book 2, a waterhorse/shapeshifter.)

Manticore (Lesser, from Book 1. Chimerical creature revealed as a lion with quills, a giant scorpion’s tail, and a face of a man. Poison is deadly to monsters and humans.)

Boggart (Lesser, from Books 1 & 2. Lesser spirits having no defined physical shapes, taking form as they wish or need. Territorial and defiant. Violent if necessary. Sometimes used as house-spirits.)

Werewolf (Lesser, powerful beasts who serve Greaters. A true sociological struggle within the monster world.)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersFaoladh (Greaters. The Faoladh were a self-governed, protecting species who answered to no one, save their land. A magical wolf breed from which their fallen became Lessers – werewolves.)

The Sagemistress (Greater, from Books 1 & 2. Another significantly powerful and influential figure in witch lore, historically.)

Necrogolem (Constructs, from Book 2, that is supremely powerful. We don’t want to say much more about the Necrogolem here due to its role in the story of Witch Moon.)

Powries (Lesser, from Book 2. An unusual sub-species of goblin that stands as tall or taller than man. Resistant to common attacks and defenses. Known for its murderous intent – cannot survive without murdering. That being said…it is a particularly nasty creature.)

The Wodnik (Greater, from Book 1. A physically weaker monster, but wielding great influence in the monster world. Like a grandfather spirit.)

Gargoyles (Constructs, from Books 1 & 2. Figures brought to life by Monster Hunters through magical means to protect locations and/or persons. Loyal and fierce. Hunters learned this magic by observing monsters, leading to an understanding that not all gargoyles are friendly to human-kind.)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters

A sneak peak – art from the back cover of Book 2: Witch Moon

Again, this is a mere snippet of the beings found in the Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series of novels. We invite you to explore the worlds of humans and monsters and their relationships in Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1), and Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Witch Moon (Book 2, available soon). There are a total of 6 books planned in this series, so there will be plenty of Greaters, Lessers, and Constructs explored!

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