Monster Profile: The Gargoyles of Hunter’s Key (Help From Above)

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Monster Profile: The Gargoyles of Hunter’s Key (Help From Above)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersMonster: The Gargoyles of Hunter’s Key

Class: Construct (friendly to humans)

Type: Living Statue

Which book(s) are the gargoyles in?: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1, Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here); Witch Moon (Book 2, Available Soon)

As a conglomerate culture revolving around magical prowess, superiority, and class, it is perhaps no surprise that monsters have long since designed living creatures that act as servants and guardians: Constructs. These range from the brutish golems to the nasty Exsecrifers, unnatural familiars to ghastly, fragmented spirits. Another popular type of Construct, similar in nature to the original clay golems, were living statues: Gargoyles.

Monster Hunters have catalogued only a few types of Constructs throughout centuries of time. A few more powerful and innovative Hunters have even tried their hand at creating Constructs themselves, seeing very few limitations on what types of Lessers or Greaters could create such automatons. Many proved disastrous, creating monsters that would themselves go on rampages throughout the human world. In some cases, these created urban legends, prompting the Monster Hunters to retire their efforts in designing the complex Constructs.

(One example would be the mysterious case of Springheeled Jack, a Construct made to combat monsters inside the Otherworld. Sadly, the Construct went haywire when created quite a stir with several sightings by civilians. These sightings were not of a friendly nature.)

Thus it was that, in general, Constructs were left to the Otherworld.

However, two Monster Hunters of old persevered. One, a Jewish rabbi, succeeded in creating a living, functioning golem of clay. Another discovered the process of turning a statue into a living being.

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster HuntersFast forward to roughly two centuries ago. With the Dark Prince (varcolac) threatening to bring on the end of mankind, a group of Hunters were brought together to create a giant barrier of sorts that would lock the portal the varcolac was using to wake the Ancients. All manner of architecture and strategy was put into the edifice, creating one of the strangest castle-mansions in history—but one of the Hunters’ most protected accomplishments. Many wards and protective spells were placed over what would become Hunter’s Key, including one of the only successful human attempts at Constructs.

Thus, the Gargoyles of Hunter’s Key.

Several were carved from the rocky mountainsides in the area local to the then unnamed Hunter’s Grove, formed with care and heavy intention. They were raised on fresh ropes in the cold misty mountain air to be littered amongst the castle-mansion’s many roofs and spires, where they sat and watched, and still do today, from above over the grounds.

MonsterHunters_Book2_Cover_RevealIt was a gargoyle that would protect the young group of Hunters that ventured into the Otherworld to face the Dark Prince. And that same gargoyle, and its companions, will be called on and tested once again as the long arm of Drakauragh’s terrors stretch out to grab a hold of Hunter’s Key and pull it to the ground.

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